Crypto Airlines (CAIR) - own the airlines, earn tokens and fly cheaper

Sales Price 0.2 USDT
Participants 21
Sold Tokens 13 938


Pitbull is an entirely community driven token born on BSC (now BNBChain) on march, 2021. After the original developer left, it was picked up by the community and a group of volunteers that have built an entire ecosystem around the token, with tools such as PitSwap, PitCharts, PitMag, PitSafe, PitMusic and so on. In one and a half year of life, Pitbull managed to grow its community to more than 510K holders from all over the world, showing no signs of stopping. Thanks to the contract’s standard tax, Pitbull not only offers a great passive income (2% of every transaction gets distributed to every holder), but it also makes it deflationary (the other 2% goes directly to the dead wallet, effectively burning the supply 24/7). So far, with transactions alone, Pitbull managed to burn 59,9% of the entire supply. Charity is another important aspect: Pitbull is official partner of different kennels from all over the world such as Kennel2Couch, BulliesInNeed and and is currently developing another usecase directly related to that subject. A mix of being entirely decentralized (nobody can touch the contract or liquidity) and a big and passionate community behind it made Pitbull become as successful as it is today, with a great future ahead.
Est. APY
2 286 / 2 000

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